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10 Great Study Spots Around Omaha

Attention all students! Midterms are right around the corner, so we’ve gathered a list of some of our favorite locations to settle down with coffee and comfy clothes to study.

The Grind Coffeehouse // Located in Elkhorn at 1013 S 192nd St

Stories Coffee // There are two locations, one in midtown crossing and one off 114th & Dodge

Archetype Coffee // Located in Millwork Commons, Little Bohemia, and the Blackstone District

Hardy Coffee // Located downtown, in Highlander, and Benson

Zen Coffee // Located Downtown at 2504 Farnam St and in West Omaha at 2505 S 133rd Plz

Rally Coffee // Located at 749 N 14th St

Cafe Postale // Located at 950 S 10th St

Modus Coworking // Located downtown, Modus offers free coworking days, and the next one will be on March 9th

SoZo Coffee // Located at 1314 Jones St

Blue Line Coffee // Located at 4924 Underwood Ave


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