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1404 Collective

1404 Collective // Grab a friend and get to thrifting high-quality vintage pieces at 1404 Collective's rent-a-hanger storefront in Little Bohemia!

ABOUT 1404 Collective is a rent-a-hanger concept where small businesses can rent a hanger and sell a variety of vintage pieces. It is a super cool brick and mortar spot in Little Bohemia where customers can shop over 20 secondhand and vintage vendors all in one place. RENT A RACK Cleaning out your closet? A great option to make a little cash while supporting small businesses is renting a rack at 1404 Collective. For only $25/month you can load up hangers with up to 20 quality pieces and 5 accessories then split the sales 50/50 with the storefront. They don’t accept most fast fashion brands or large retail brands, so it’s a great way to support sustainable shopping while also cleaning out your closet and sharing vintage pieces with others who will love them like new!

CURRENT VENDORS Interested in doing some vintage thrifting this weekend? Here are the current vendors you can check out: Wandering Tiger Kelly Valentine New Wave Tang Vintage Vintage Huntress Cloth & Claye Plastic Ferns Goldenrod Goods Maria’s Movement Baby Teeth Vintage Generations’s Past Sunny Day LOCATION & HOURS 1404 Collective is located at 1404 S. 13th Street (thus the name!) in the heart of Little Bohemia. They are open Thursdays through Saturdays from 11am to 5pm and Sundays from 11am to 3pm!


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