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15 Thrift & Consignment Stores

Check out our list of some of the best spots around Omaha to thrift your heart out!

We put together a list of some of our favorite thrift stores all around the Omaha Metro. Thrifting, or shopping second hand, is not only great for your wallet, but encourages a sustainable lifestyle that is great for the environment!

THRIFTING SPOTS IN THE O Thrift World | Website | Instagram Albany and Avers | Website |Instagram OA Shoppe | Website | Instagram

Flying Worm | Instagram Imaginarium Super Store | Website Dundee Flea | Facebook | Instagram Esther’s | Facebook | Instagram

1404 Collective | Website | Instagram Thrift America | Instagram Under His Wings Thrift Shop | Facebook Junk-n-Treasure | Facebook | Instagram Forever Yesterday Exchange | Website | Instagram Swap Omaha (check out their IG for their next pop up location!) | Website | Instagram Tip Top Thrift Shop | Website | Instagram St Vincent de Paul | Website

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