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20+ Valentine's Date Ideas

We’ve curated a list of date ideas for different types of couples. Whether you and your special someone are artsy, foodies, or concert lovers, we’ve got you covered!


Gather // Located in the Old Market

Lola’s // Located in Dundee

Dante // Located in Legacy

Saffron // Located in Aksarben Village

Monarch Prime // Located downtown inside Hotel Deco

Le Boullion // Located in the Old Market

Irish dinner at Dubliner Pub // Located in the Old Market

Au Courant // Located in Benson

Le Voltaire // Located in northwest Omaha


Class at Julia M. Illustrates Shop // Located near Millwork Commons

Hot Shoppes art class // Located near Millwork Commons

Candle making at Dundee Candle // Located in Dundee

Corky Boards/Canvas // Located in Midtown Crossing


Weekend at Kimberly Creek Retreat // Located 30 minutes southwest of Omaha

Pickle ball at Blue Sky // Located in Regency Landing

Mini bowling at Bob & Willie’s // Located in Blackstone


Backline Comedy // Located downtown

The Funny Bone // Located in Village Pointe

Barnato // Located in Village Pointe

The Slowdown // Located downtown

The Waiting Room // Located in Benson


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