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Archetype Coffee

Looking for somewhere that serves up specialty coffee? Try Archetype!


Archetype is a favorite local coffee shop serving up specialty roasts and delicious bites at three Omaha locations. The founding principles of Archetype call in the “serious business” of coffee making and the “fun and ridiculous” people who grow, make, and drink coffee.

Built around community, Archetype taps into the refined and playful sides of specialty coffee and embrace all the stories of everyone in the city looking for a perfect cup.


When you visit Archetype, you’ll find a simple menu with classic offerings. Drip, cold brew, pour-over, cortado, latte, macchiato, and more, there’s something for every coffee connoisseur. If you have more of a playful palette, try the matcha, chai or cocoa options!

Don’t forget to grab a sweet or savory baked good and keep your eyes peeled for breakfast bites on the weekends! NEW MENU ADDITIONS Good news! The Little Bohemia Archetype locations now has food options! While they previously offered scones and bagels, their menu now includes several more savory and sweet baked goods. Go check them out!


You can buy bags of Archetype coffee in-store or online! Check out all the different flavor profiles and options to find your new favorite.


Archetype has an awesome clean, minimalist coffee shop vibe. We’re talking exposed brick, people! Sleek wooden countertops and design accents, as well as metallic details, make the place a perfect spot to unwind on a coffee date or get to work behind your laptop.


A citywide favorite, Archetype has three locations, all serving specialty coffee in modern, inviting spaces. Check them out at Blackstone, Little Bohemia, and Millwork Commons! You can also order Archetype Coffee on their website.


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