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B&B Theatres is Now Open in Omaha!

B&B Theatres has recently opened a new Omaha location, reviving the Oakview Mall Theater at 144th & Center!


B&B Theatres has reopened the Oak View area movie theater! The movie theater chain opened the new Omaha location on July 1 and is already showing blockbuster hits!

In addition to traditional movie-watching and tasty concessions, B&B Theatres offers three GRAND SCREEN auditoriums in the Omaha location, which are Premium Large Format auditoriums that combine the latest cinema technology with cutting-edge sound and projection. They are some of the largest movie screens in the nation!

There are 24 theaters in the facility, and all of them include Barco laser projectors from Cinionic and luxury electric recliners.


Sit back, relax and enjoy the show at B&B Theatres, located at 3555 S 140th Plaza near Oak View Mall! Thanks to B&B Theatres for sponsoring this post!


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