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B5 Brewing

B5 Brewing // Enjoy meticulously crafted beers from a family-owned and operated master brewer in the heart of Benson!

ABOUT B5 Brewing is a family-owned, family-ran full craft brew bar in the heart of Benson. The name B5 comes from the owners last name being Bush, with 5 family members making all the magic happen! All of their beers are brewed right in the back, and they pride themselves on the fact that everything on tap is derived from their own recipes. Just like a chef has a passion to cook good food, B5’s owners have a passion for the brewing process. Plus, even if beer isn’t your cup of tea, they also offer cocktails.

THE DRINKS At B5, the brewmaster meticulously selects premium ingredients, blending hops, malts, and flavors to satisfy each individual taste and preference. Their core beers are offered year-round, and are all based off song references, such as: Gypsy Soul porter, Gaia Rye pale ale, Talisman amber, Benson Banquet beer, American lager, Naked Waves wheat — the list goes on! They also have rotating beers throughout the years in both one offs or traditional styles. MUG CLUB If you can’t get enough of the good vibes and even better beer, get a 20oz pour for a 16 oz price with the Mug Club membership! Leave a mug with your number for first access to new releases, a free beer on your birthday, a free t-shirt, and more notified via their email list!

LOCATION & HOURS B5 Brewing is located in Benson at 6115 Maple Street and is open Tuesdays and Wednesdays 5pm-9pm, Thursdays 5pm-10pm, Fridays 3pm-12am, Saturdays 12pm-12am, Sundays 12pm-8pm and are closed on Mondays.


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