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Bagel Bin

The Bagel Bin is an Omaha favorite serving bagels, breakfast sandwiches, coffee and more.


This family owned business has been around for over 45 years serving all kinds of bagels, sandwiches, breads, pastries, and cakes. The Brezack family moved to Omaha from Long Island, New York in 1977 and decided to open a Kosher bagel factory. Many of their traditional Polish family recipes are still used today! Susan Brezack and two of her sons, David and Scott, still work here every day making The Bagel Bin truly a family owned and operated business.

2010 FIRE

If you've been in Omaha for a while you might remember that The Bagel Bin caught fire and was closed for 11 months back in 2010. It's incredible that they were able to rebuild and reopen after a tragedy like that, but that goes to show how much Omaha loves this business and wants to support them.


The Bagel Bin is located off 120th and Pacific at 1215 South 119th Street.


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