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bb.q Chicken

bb.q Chicken // Check out a brand-new Korean fried chicken spot in Omaha!


bb.q stands for “Best of the Best Quality” and that's exactly what you get at Omaha’s newest Korean fried chicken spot. From traditional dishes like Ddeok-Bokki to modern favorites like Kimchi Fried Rice, every bite at bb.q Chicken tells a story of tradition and heritage, all brought to the Omaha community. Dishes are the result of both longstanding Korean tradition as well as modern research and development from their very own Chicken University in Korea!


The fried chicken that bb.q Chicken serves in America is true to the recipes, ingredients and methods used in Korea, and flavors range from traditional favorites to adventurous new creations. Each flavor is mixed differently, which means some are available as whole chicken (wings, breasts, and thighs), boneless, and traditional wings, while others are only available in some styles.

At bb.q Chicken, patrons can embark on a culinary adventure through the vibrant flavors of Korean cuisine. We tried the Gangnam style wings (what a name!), soy garlic, galbi and cheesling, Ddeok-bokki, and pickled radish. For drinks we had different flavors of soju: grape, yogurt and original!


bb.q Chicken’s new Omaha location can be found at 2521 S 132nd Street and is open every day 11am-9pm!


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