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Beautiful Soul Spa Suites

Beautiful Soul Spa Suites is a spa and boutique in one relaxing environment near Chalco Hills!


Beautiful Soul Spa Suites is a unique business design that allows beauty providers and boutique artisans a calm, beautiful space to work without startup and facility costs. Each suite has a carefully chosen business to offer full-service, quality beauty treatments, care, and shopping opportunities.


Beautiful Soul Spa is home to Ageless Skin Co, A Healing Escape, CopperPineCo, Jamie Elizabeth Designs, Love Your Body, Jordan's Studio LLC, Laurel & Ives, Style House Boutique, Spencer Beauty + Bar, Adeo Spa, Blissfully Divine Healing, Esthetics by Catie, Boutique Black Label, Your Esti Bestie, Esthetics by Jill, EstieKaley, and Wax.Lash.Mickllc.


Find hours and appointment information on Beautiful Soul's website at For spa vendors, you'll book directly with them.


If you wanted to shop at a boutique located here, all you need is a building code from one of the vendors! The Suites are technically open 24/7 and unstaffed a majority of the time (although the spa professionals are usually around during the day). Boutique shopping is on the honor system, with each vendor posting their Venmo/Paypal information in their store. If you want to buy something, just shop and pay, no matter what time of day it is!


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