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Block 16

BLOCK 16 // Sandwich shop downtown with a garden-to-table philosophy!



Block 16 has taken Omaha by storm after winning multiple awards and recognition for their sandwiches. Owners Jessica and Paul met at MCC's culinary program and have since used Block 16 as a creative outlet, offering more than different 1,400 specials over the years. They source ingredients from companies who share their farm-to-table philosophy, and get most of their produce from their own farm!



Block 16 is known for their sandwiches and loaded fries. The Croque Garcon Burger was named Alton's Brown's favorite burger in the county so it's definitely a must-try. Other notables are the Duck Duck Goose Fries (Duck confit, crispy skin, cheese, duck-fat mayo, and gooseberry gastrique over a basket of fries) and their daily special which changes every day! They also have beer and wine, making it a great night out downtown.


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