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Bluebarn Theatre

Bluebarn Theatre // Visit Bluebarn, a contemporary theater full of emotion-provoking works that bring the Omaha community together.

ABOUT BLUEBARN THEATRE Located just south of the Old Market, Bluebarn Theatre offers a variety of mainstage plays diverse in theme and style, ranging from works by some of America's most renowned modern playwrights, to new works by writers whose voices deserve to be heard. Their mission? To provoke thought, emotion, action, and change. Bluebarn provides a civic space for the community to come together to reflect, celebrate, and explore complex issues through theater’s beauty.

2023-2024 SEASON Macbeth- September 21st - 23rd A Very Die-Hard Christmas- November 24th - 26th The Great Leap- Feb 1st - 3rd More of A Heart- March 28th -30th POTUS- May 23rd - 25th LOCATION Bluebarn is located at 1106 S 10th Street, just south of the Old Market. You can check out an extensive list of all of Bluebarn's upcoming shows on their website!


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