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Boccee Ball Tournament

Got a competitive edge? Enter the boccee ball tournament at Sonny's starting on May 4th!

WHAT IS BOCCEE BALL? Bocce ball is a popular lawn game played with a set of small balls and one larger target ball, known as the pallino. The rules are simple. The basic objective is to get your team's boccee ball(s) as close as possible to the pallino without touching it. Points are awarded to the team with the closest ball to the pallino at the end of each round. The game is typically played until a predetermined number of points are reached.

SONNY’S TOURNAMENT If you want to get into this fun game, you’re in luck! Game On Omaha sets up Boccee Ball tournaments all year round. Coming up at the beginning of May, there will be a Boccee Ball tournament in Aksarben hosted right outside of Sonny’s. This tournament will take place from 6pm to 9pm. Whether it’s yout first time playing Boccee Ball or you’re a seasoned player, anyone is welcome to enter the tournament! LOCATION The Boccee Ball tournament will take place at Sonny’s in Aksarben, at 1905 67th St.


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