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Body20 West Omaha

Body20 // Check out Omaha's first ever electro-muscle stimulation fitness studio!

ABOUT Body20 is a boutique fitness studio that utilizes an FDA-Cleared electro-muscle stimulation (EMS) suit. They offer strength and cardio sessions that are tailored to each individual person, their fitness level and body type. In just a 20-minute training session, your personal trainer will put you through a customized 1-on-1 program. They first figure out what’s going on inside to help you feel better on the outside. By calculating your body makeup: water weight, BMR, visceral fat rate, skeletal muscle mass, weights, body fat mass, etc., Body20 is committed to making you feel and look your best at a fraction of the time compared to other fitness alternatives, all without the need to pick up a weight or use traditional gym equipment.

HIGH-TECH EXPERIENCE Every Body20 session uses Electrostimulation technology for the muscles, where you put on an EMS suit that hooks up to a machine. This stimulates your muscles and boosts performance up to 150 times that of traditional workouts; a 20 minute session is equivalent to hours spent in a gym. This process strengthens stability and balance, and is great for injuries or weaker arms while controlling muscle growth. EMS technology enhances sport performance, corrects muscular imbalances, optimizes posture, relaxes muscle tension, and maximizes your results in minimal time, making this a cheaper option than years of gym memberships! Services at Body20 are most encouraged for those between 25 and 70 years of age.

BOOK YOUR SESSION Get energized for your first Body20 session! Before every session, make sure to be properly hydrated and avoid strenuous activities on your body as well as excessive alcohol use 24-48 hours prior. There is no need for traditional gym clothes, as your Body20 suit and gear is all provided in-studio. You can book your first session at and if you refer a friend in your first moth, you could earn $50 off for life! LOCATION Body20’s first Nebraska location that opened this past December is located in West Omaha at 17857 Pierce Plaza!


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