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Bristle: The Secret to Easily Maintaining Clean Makeup Brushes

If you're a makeup enthusiast, you know that keeping your brushes clean is essential for maintaining the integrity of your makeup application and the health of your skin. Unfortunately, cleaning brushes can be a time-consuming and tedious task, which is why we were excited to discover Bristle and their makeup brush cleaning service.

The Simple Set

The simple set from Bristle includes a total of 8 makeup brushes, with 2 of each type: concealer, flat foundation, bronzer, and blush brushes. All Bristle brushes are made with densely packed high-quality, dark brown synthetic bristles, for seamless application and longevity. Whether you're a makeup beginner or a seasoned pro, the simple set from Bristle is a great addition to your makeup kit!

How the Subscription Works

You will be sent the first half of your brushes (4) right away and then near the end of your subscription month you will be sent your second half of fresh brushes with a prepaid return envelope to send your dirty brushes in to be cleaned! While you're using your clean brushes your dirty brushes will be undergoing the Patented Bristle Professional cleaning process. Near the end of the month Bristle will ship back the first half of your brushes freshly cleaned and sanitized along with a new prepaid return envelope and the cycle continues as long as your subscription is active!

Omaha Places Discount

If you're tired of spending hours scrubbing your makeup brushes and want an easy way to keep them clean, consider signing up for a subscription with Bristle. You can even use our code OMA30 for $30 off your order PLUS the first month of the cleaning subscription free!


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