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Broncos Burgers

Visit Omaha's first ever fast-food restaurant in Omaha, Broncos Burgers!


Broncos was Omaha’s first ever locally owned fast-food restaurant, serving the feel-good classics since 1959, when “fast-food” was a brand-new concept! Still family owned all these years later, Broncos insists on using fresh, not frozen, beef, chicken, pork and potatoes. Their French fries, often considered the best in town, are hand-cut and peeled from whole potatoes daily. Aside from the nostalgic feel and long-standing relationship with Omaha locals, this is what sets Bronco’s Hamburgers Omaha apart from other fast food burger joints and the reason it has become an iconic Omaha restaurant since its founding over 60 years ago.

MENU Whether you're craving a good burger over your lunch break or are in the mood for a quick dinner on the way home from work, Broncos has something for anyone wanting a delicious, savory meal. Their menu ranges from the classic options such as burgers made with locally ground Nebraska beef, hand breaded chicken, and fresh French fries hand cut from Idaho Norkotah spuds, to Bronco’s famous milkshakes, breakfast options, kid's meals and more!


has two locations, with their original location being at 4540 Leavenworth Street and their newer location at 1123 S 120th Street. They are open every day from 9am to 9pm, and on Fridays and Saturdays the drive through is open until 10pm!


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