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Brownie Bar

BROWNIE BAR BAKERY // Check out Brownie Bar's newest location in Rockbrook Village!



Build your own custom brownie? Yes, please! Owners James and Michael felt there was a lack of brownie options in Omaha, and the idea for The Brownie Bar was born. The Brownie Bar's original location in the Old Market was such a success, that they added a second location in Rockbrook. These delicious, freshly baked brownies are not only available at the stores, but you can order them for your next party or event, as well.



Oh, the brownies! Start with a traditional, blonde, or dark chocolate brownie. Then, the options are seemingly endless. Mix and match toppings like peanut butter frosting, fudge sauce, or raspberry compote. Sprinkle on a dusting of powdered sugar, or a layer of crushed nuts. I chose a rich, dark chocolate brownie with buttercream frosting and crushed nuts.


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