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Brunch at the Peregrine Hotel

BRUNCH AT THE PEREGRINE HOTEL // Wether you're staying at the hotel or just want to try a new brunch spot, check out the Peregrine Hotel!



The Habitat Restaurant and Bar rolls out their famous weekend brunch! They are particularly known for unlimited Mimosas and the always classic, and always delicious Eggs Benedict. I also tried the stack of warm and fluffy pancakes. The dining room is decorated on theme with the hotel, with falcon art on the walls and a gorgeous bird's nest on the ceiling.



Brunch is served in the intimate dining room in the Peregrine Hotel, 203 S. 18th Street, across from the Federal Courthouse. Even though the restaurant is located in a hotel, it is open to the public. Brunch is served weekends only from 9 am - 1 pm.


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