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Brunch Box

Brunch Box // Check out an up and coming brunch/breakfast spot downtown!

ABOUT The Brunch Box is a new hotspot downtown that serves all your favorite breakfast and lunch foods and some innovative, tasty items that come with a creative twist! They pride themselves on that all of their entrees can be made gluten-free or traditionally vegan! They also offer carryout and delivery if you’re in the mood for some good eats on the go! MENU The menu at Brunch Box really has something for everyone. They feature a creative twist on classic brunch favorites from fluffy waffles to savory breakfast pizza, and they all can be ordered with vegan or gluten-free variations.

ALCOHOL INFUSED FROYO Are you in the mood for a dessert? Good news! The Brunch Box is changing the game with their alcohol-infused frozen yogurt! Six of the ten flavors of froyo are infused with varieties of alcohol, such as the mimosa, which is infused with two bottles of champagne inside. To make it better, they are ALL gluten and dairy free! REVERSE HAPPY HOUR From 9pm to 11pm Thursdays through Saturdays, you can enjoy a reverse happy hour at the Brunch Box! You must be 21+ years old to enter, and you can enjoy $25 UNLIMITED alcohol infused froyo flgihts, plus two bites (tots, tenders, fruit, or cinnamon rolls)!

LOCATION & HOURS The Brunch Box is located in the Old Market at 1308 Jackson St, and is open 10am to 3pm Monday through Wednesday, and Thursday through Saturday they are open late from 10am to 9pm!


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