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Cafe Ohana

Don't miss out on a Hawaiian-inspired coffee shop pop up at Dry Spokes every Saturday!

ABOUT If you’re in the market for a new favorite go-to coffee spot on Saturdays, make sure to check out Cafe Ohana. Cafe Ohana is an Hawaiian-inspired coffee and pastry pop-up owned by island girls that makes an appearance every Saturday at Dry Spokes! In 2020, a fifteen-year-old Téhani expressed her desire to own a café similar to the ones she visited while living on the island of Okinawa. In a cute vacation home, Téhani and Kanani crafted the idea of Islands in a Dream. A café that would serve island inspired food and transport guests to the island of their dreams — and thus Cafe Ohana was born!

MENU Transport to the island of your dreams with tropical themed coffees and pastries. Cafe Ohana’s menu is simple, yet unique and perfectly crafted to serve up delicious coffees, iced lattes, refreshers, matcha, snacks and pastries with an Island twist. We highly recommend trying a coffee or refresher flight so you can grab a taste of everything and find your favorite! We tried out the refresher flight with Island Palmer, Tidal Wave, Kalapana, and P.O.G., as well as the coffee flight with Hilo, Haupia, Ube-be, and Samoa. For food we grabbed the Guava Loaf, Gummy Bears dipped in Li Hing Mui, and Coco Cream Puffs! LOCATION & POP UP With big dreams of one day owning their own location, Cafe Ohana is currently serving up their delicious drinks and pastries at Dry Spokes, located at 1901 Leavenworth Street every Saturday from 8am to 2pm!


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