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Cafe Postale

Snacks, brunch, sandwiches, and coffee with a fresh take on café classics by day and a chic setting for events by night!


Cafe Postale has a pretty standard drink menu will of coffee, tea, cocktails, spirits, wine and cider. They also have a few speciality drinks like strawberry elderflower lemonade, brown sugar cardamon latte, and blue matcha latte. Their food menu is also large and includes breakfast, soups, salads, wraps and snacks.


This was one of the coolest venues I've been to because the building has so much history behind it! Cafe Postale is located next to an active railway. The station has a long history which can be seen through all the cool photos throughout the space! They have tons of tables and two bigs rooms, so there's plenty of space to work, meet up with friends, or host an event there!


Speaking of hosting an event, this would be such a beautiful space! They can host all kinds of events like weddings or parties, and even work with you to cater or decorate.


Cafe Postale is located in Commerce Village downtown, right across from the Durham Museum. It feels a little hidden because the signage isn't obvious, but if you go to the side of the building you'll see their beautiful patio with view of downtown Omaha.


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