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Cajun Crab & Pho

Cajun Crab & Pho // Experience delicious, authentic Cajun seafood at Cajun Crab & Pho

ABOUT Cajun Crab and Pho is your one-stop shop for all things Vietnamese cuisine. Between the fun and inviting decor, authentic dishes and desirable flavors, you are sure to get the full Vietnamese experience here. The prices are affordable and very reasonable for the portions. For example, $12 for a bowl of pho, $13 for a pork entree, etc. The menu is huge so you will be sure to find something you’ll love!

MENU From delicious appetizers like fried oysters, hush puppies, and pork dumblings to a big selection of Cajun seafood and their signature pho! We got pho and the snow crab leg boiled seafood. The pho especially had an authentic flavor and was the perfect balance of flavor and saltiness. ATMOSPHERE When you walk in, you will immediately notice all of the nautical decor. The walls and posts are plastered with ropes, anchors, and buoys. If you’re looking to expand your pallet and experience different cultural dishes, this is a great place to start. It’s very spacious and great for family outings!

LOCATION & HOURS Cajun Crab and Pho is located at 346 Saddle Creek Road and is open on Sundays through Thursdays from 11am to 9pm, and on Fridays through Saturdays from 11am to 10pm!


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