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Chaima's African Cuisine

Chaima's African Cuisine // Experience authentic West African dishes with Chaima's African Cuisine

ABOUT Chaima’s African Cuisine is a family owned and operated West African eatery right here in Omaha. They offer an array of authentic West African dishes and they pride themselves on fresh ingredients and home-style cooking!

MENU Each food item is specially crafted to create the most authentic experience possible. The menu ranges from traditional African dishes to personal twists on American classics. When we checked it out, the waitress was super helpful and gave us great recommendations! We ended up getting the fufu + peanut stew which was super good, and the mouthwatering ris au gras poulet!

LOCATION & HOURS Chaima’s African Cuisine’s food truck is currently located at 5060 S 107th St and is open on Tuesdays through Sundays from noon to 8pm!


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