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Check Out a New Grab and Go Breakfast and Lunch Spot in Millwork Commons!

ABOUT Clean Slate Food Company is an up-and-coming breakfast and lunch food option, perfect for people who work or live in the Millwork Commons area! Clean Slate specializes in all natural ingredients that are both good for your health and taste great. Stop by their new location in the heart of Millwork Commons!

WEEKLY MEAL SERVICE Clean Slate also offers a weekly meal service program. Each week, a new, fresh menu of packaged and prepared meals with a healthy focus are prepared specially for you! They offer a plant-based set as well as an omnivorous option. Your meal set is delivered to your door every SUNDAY to last you through the week. This option is perfect for college students (or anyone!) who don’t have time to cook on a daily basis but want to prioritize a healthy diet and eating yummy food! To start your order visit!

CATERING & EVENTS Clean Slate Food Co. also offers a full spectrum of catering & event services. From weddings, to tailgates, & in-home dinners alike, Clean Slate is willing to take the burden of hosting food off your to-do list! Our event staff is capable of executing small events to the most extravagant occasions. Call (402) 276-5107 or email for more info!

LOCATION Clean Slate Food Company is located in Millwork Commons at 1229 Millwork Ave. They are open from 7am to 5pm Monday through Saturday and is closed on Sundays. Be sure to follow Clean Slate on Instagram and send this post to someone you want to visit with! #OmahaPlaces


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