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Crisp & Green

CRISP & GREEN // Healthy salads and smoothie with a drive through, right off Dodge.



Crisp and Green has a great selection of salads and grain bowls that will actually fill you up. I got the Wild Wild Southwest bowl with spinach, arugula, roasted chicken, roasted corn & poblano, black beans, white cheddar, tomatoes, cilantro, blue corn chips, & creamy southwestern dressing. You can also build your own salad or bowl, and make anything vegetarian or vegan by swapping out specific ingredients!



You guys always ask me about vegan foods, so I'm happy to report that all of Crisp & Green's smoothies are vegan and gluten free! They are made with pea protein and have tons of flavors. I got the Maple Pea-Nut with banana, maple syrup, PB, coconut milk, and vanilla pea protein. They also have agua frescas which are fruit & water infusions with a touch of agave.



Crisp & Green is located on 85th & Dodge and is open everyday from 10:30-9 pm. I'm also told they are opening two more locations around Omaha!



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