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Dapper Doughnuts

Dapper Doughnuts offers mini doughnuts, drinks, and catering in West Omaha!


Dapper Doughnuts has a ton of different mini doughnut flavors that you can get in a 6, 12, 24, or 48 box. I tried the banana foster, funnel cake, lemon cream, apple pie, cinnamon sugar, and Nutella dream doughnuts in a box of 24! These are the perfect treats for young kids or parties where you need small, bite sized treats.


They also have some awesome drinks on their menu for both summer and winter. The blended drinks (mocha, caramel latte, or orange dreamsicle) come with mini doughnuts on the top, and so does the loaded hot chocolate. They also have a standard coffee menu, milk, juice, doughnut milkshakes, and watermelon, cucumber mint, or strawberry acai refreshers!


Dapper Doughnuts has a few deals for both kids and teens. The Dapper Grande is for parents or older kids and comes with a 12 pack of doughnuts and a coffee for $8.99. The Dapper Jr. is for young kids and comes with a 6-pack of mini doughnuts and a milk or juice.


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