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Deviled Egg Co

Deviled Egg Co // A company specializing in gourmet deviled eggs? We're eggcited too! Try out the Deviled Egg Co's delicious, unique menu items!

ABOUT Cue the egg puns…no but seriously, this is quite the exciting place, especially for deviled egg lovers! Deviled Egg Co is the first company in the world to specialize in gourmet deviled eggs. Not only do they offer the most elaborate, flavorful options, but they are primarily health driven. Deviled Egg Co offers an array of dietary restrictions while maintaining a fun and EGGciting image.


From gluten-free and dairy-free to keto friendly, and vegetarian options, there is a healthy option for anyone that walks through the doors. There are various deviled egg options to choose from: chick fil-egg, crab rangoon, chicken bacon ranch, cali roll, and so many more all on eggs!!! As a salad lover myself, I was super excited to hear about the Chicken Caesar. This menu item is grilled chicken, creamy dressing, fresh Romain lettuce, Parmesan & croutons. You can even order pints of egg salad to take home with you if you cannot get enough! CATERING & SERVICES While Omaha is lucky enough to be the original home for Deviled Egg Co, they offer nationwide shipping on all their delicious options, and even offer catering for your events! You can learn more about how to get an eggcelent array of food to your event on their website.

LOCATIONS The original Deviled Egg Co is located at 18111 Q Street, Suite #102. They are also opening a second Omaha location in the inner rail, and a location in Denison, Texas. The new Inner Rail location will open in mid-June, so keep an eye out for that! #OmahaPlaces


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