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Edge of the Universe

Edge of the Universe is a themed cafe in Benson with fun events like bingo, trivia nights and board game nights!


Edge of the Universe is more than just a coffee shop, it's an experience! The current Starry Starry Night theme is based on Vincent Van Gogh's famous painting, and every detail down to the coffee mugs reflect the theme! The future goal is to bring in local artists to help transform the space when the theme changes. I talked with Rachel, one of the owners, about how much work goes into planning each theme and she said they take multiple months of planning each time they change. Talk about dedication to the experience! Future themes include Hawaiian Surf Shack and End of the Rainbow.


The menu even changes with the theme and currently features themed cocktails like Time Dilation (tequila, grapefruit juice, orange) Celestial Cider (whiskey, apple cider, cinnamon) and Vincent's Vice which contains absinth- apparently known to be Van Gogh's favorite drink! Food items include pastries like macarons, donuts and homemade poptarts.


If you're ever looking for a chill event to go to, Edge of the Universe probably has something happening. Make sure you check their website for current events*

→ Tuesday Trivia @7pm

→ Wednesday Music Bingo @7pm

→ Friday Movie Night @ 7pm

→ Sunday Board Game BOGO 5-8pm, bring your own board game and get BOGO drinks

→ Bonus True Crime Trivia night on August 4 @ 7pm

→ Witch Party on August 21 6-midnight


Located in the Benson neighborhood at 6070 Maple Street.

Mon: closed

Tue-Thur: Noon - 10pm

Fri: Noon - Midnight

Sat: 10am - Midnight

Sun: Noon - 8pm


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