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Elevate Stretch and Cryotherapy

Book an appointment with Elevate Stretch & Cryo in Rockbrook VIllage for state-of-the-art recovery services to get you back to feeling your best!

ABOUT Elevate Stretch + Cryo is a locally owned cryotherapy provider in Rockbrook Village that strives to help relax your body and assist in your recovery from injuries. Whether it's full-body light therapy, Normatec Compression, assisted stretch service or a whole-body cryotherapy treatment, Elevate uses state-of-the-art equipment to ensure your comfort to get you back to feeling your best!

SERVICES Assisted Stretching // Improved range of motion and flexibility, reduction of muscle and joint pain, improvement in sport performance, improvement in muscle activation, better posture, and stress relief.

Whole-Body Cryotherapy // Reduction of pain and inflammation, improvement in joint function, exercise recovery and performance support, and energy boosts

Full Body Red Light Therapy // Clinically proven to activate various intra-cellular pathways leading to a multitude of health benefits such as mood balancing, energy boosting, improved skin complexion, decreased muscle soreness, minor pain and inflammation relief

NormaTec Compression // Normatec’s patented precision pulse technology helps to increase circulation, revive muscles, and reduce swelling.

Infrared Sauna // Infrared sauna will revitalize your skin, eliminate toxins and counteract years of sun damage, environmental damage, aging, smoking, acne, and acne scarring. The sauna produces a dry heat that encourages perspiration, opens pores, and excretes metabolites.

LOCATION & HOURS Elevate Stretch + Cryo is located in Rockbrook Village at 10816 Prairie Hills Drive, and is open Monday to Thursday 6:30am-7pm, Friday 6:30am-5pm, Saturday 8:30am-1pm, and Sunday 11am-3pm.


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