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Eppley Airfield Terminal Build

Eppley Airfield is becoming an International Airport, plus getting other major upgrades as part of the Build OMA Terminal Modernization Program!

Photos courtesy of Eppley Airfield

ABOUT Eppley Airfield has made an exciting announcement that the Omaha metro’s largest airport will be going international! With an estimated completion in 2028, Eppley will undergo massive renovations that will provide space for international travel services. The $950 million Build OMA Terminal Modernization Program will nearly double the size of the Eppley terminal and add amenities to enhance the travel experience.


These plans will increase Eppley’s space to approximately 646,000 square feet from the existing 375,000 square feet. Here are just a few of the additions we can look forward to!

-Two gates capable of international flights and a new Customs and Border Protection international arrivals hall for international passenger processing

-A single, unified concourse with a centralized Transportation Security Administration (TSA) security screening checkpoint

-New expanded restaurants and retail concessions beyond the security checkpoint

-New airline ticketing space #OmahaPlaces

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