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For The One Bridal

Find “the dress” with a personalized bridal experience at For the One Bridal Boutique


For The One Bridal is a locally owned designer bridal boutique located in the heart of Omaha at the Regency Court Shopping Center. With over five years of experience working directly with bridal designers mixed with her lengthy background working one-on-one with brides all over the US, Morgan Knuth was compelled to open her own salon. Now coming up on 2 years in August, many brides have said yes to the one at Morgan’s boutique. Your happiness is of the utmost importance to Morgan as a businesswoman and as a new bride who was just married herself. She knows what it takes behind the scenes and understands the thrill of walking down the aisle in a gorgeous gown.


For The One Bridal’s focus and aesthetic offers brides a luxurious, intimate atmosphere with a curated collection of exclusive designers who create the most gorgeous gowns and elegant looks. Collections of dresses from various designers are unique to For the One Bridal, so your experience will always be one of a kind. Want to add straps, remove appliques, lower the back, or add more beading? For The One Bridal has an incredible team of personal stylists who work directly with the designers who are eager to bring your dream dress to life. Another perk? Taylor Swift is almost always being played throughout the space!


As an appointment only bridal boutique, your experience will be completely private with the whole space to yourself and your team. There are different packages you can choose from catered to different bridal needs, such as accessories, bridal styling, or a follow up appointment. For booking and more information, you can visit


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