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Frios Gourmet Pops

Cool off this summer with a refreshing popsicle from Frios Gourmet Pops!

ABOUT Frios Gourmet Pops had one mission: to reinvent the popsicle! We all know and love the cold, sweet treat, but Frios has taken it to another level. While they are a franchise, their Omaha installment (that has only been open for less than a month!) is locally owned and managed and their family helps run the business. To give back to the community, the Omaha location is also open to partnering up with fundraising efforts to give back a portion of sales to those who need it most.

POP DROPS AND EVENTS If you want to share the popsicle love with your friends, family, and colleagues — Frios can be booked for corporate offices, parties, gatherings etc. From small family gatherings to stadium-size events both fancy and casual, they can make the magic happen! And if you want the popsicles to be brought to you, they also offer “pop drops” where they drop off popsicles to businesses or parties. Think ice cream truck meets catering but better! To book some pops, you can visit!

THE POPSICLES Frios has two main types of popsicles: creamy (think ice cream on a stick!) and fruity (a refreshing mix of fresh fruit and coconut water). Their most popular flavors are pina colada, birthday cake, and cotton candy, but the list goes on! From staple flavors you can get year round such as raspberry, strawberry, caramel cheesecake and pink lemonade to rotating pops to keep it interesting! They also have allergy friendly options and make sure to list allergens and nutritional information on the menu for each pop.


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