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Green Deans Garden

Green Deans Garden // Visit Green Deans Pick-and-Pay garden and create your own flower bouquet!

ABOUT Who doesn’t love supporting local farmers? Green Deans Garden is a locally owned farm with a pick-and-pay garden. You can pick your own flowers to create your own bouquet or pick from various fresh vegetables. Make sure to check it out before this beautiful weather is gone!

PICK & PAY PRICES Flower cups are $25 and flower vases are $30. Green Deans will provide a large cup with water (and garden shears if you don’t bring your own), then you can walk through the garden to pick whatever you can fit in the cup to make your personalized bouquet. All the different veggies are priced by size!

LOCATION & HOURS The Green Deans Garden is located off of 132nd & Military Road, and is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10:30am to 8pm!


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