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Helados Locos

Helados Locos // Check out a brand-new Mexican Gelato spot from the owner of Javi's Tacos!

ABOUT Are you familiar with the awesome “Javi’s Tacos” restaurants and food trucks scattered around Omaha? Inspired by his daughter's vibrant smile and over 20 years of restaurant experience, Javi is back and has officially opened a Mexican gelato shop called Helados Locos, which translates to crazy ice cream! Choose how many scoops you want, decide between a variety of fun flavors, and add up to 4 toppings for a customized sweet treat. All ice cream/gelatos are sourced from another local business, Tipico Helado. The atmosphere is vibrant with bright colors that light up the whole space, making it a super family-friendly spot for all ages to come hang out and enjoy some gelato all year round. There is also a selfie wall, so make sure to snap a few pictures with friends and tag @heladoslocosomaha on Instagram!

MENU Helados Locos offers many unique and traditional Mexican gelatos, with flavors ranging from Sicillian pistachio to fresh fruit paletas. We tried out the Mangonada (orange and red cup), lime and cucumber flavored water, and the esquite which is a corn mixture with multiple layers of corn, mayo, and catija cheese topped with fresh squeezed lime and tajin. Everything on the menu is unique and tastes as flavorful as they look! If you aren’t quite ready for dessert yet, you can also indulge in Mexican-classic food options such as equite, walking tacos, and nachos! LOCATION & HOURS Helados Locos is located at 17330 W Center Road and is open from 11am to 8pm 7 days a week with varying hours depending on winter weather adjustments. #OmahaPlaces


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