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Heriter Gems

Heriter Gems // Consider Heriter Gems, a world-class custom jeweler, for your next luxury purchase!

ABOUT Hériter Gems offers industry leading diamond and gem sourcing, custom gemstone engagement rings, jewelry and luxury heirlooms. At Hériter, all gems are sourced from Australia to Columbia and everywhere in between, bringing world-class gems to clients right here in Omaha.

APPOINTMENTS While Hériter Gems is appointment only, every meeting is worth it. You can book appointments online with a variety of different options to choose from. You can either meet with your own personal jeweler to discuss custom jewelry projects, schedule to discuss your next luxury watch project, a heirloom pickup appointment to pick up your new heirloom, or even a virtual jewelry teleconference to discuss a new project you’re interested in. LOCATION Hériter Gems is located at 3624 Farnam Street Suite C. Don’t forget to visit their website to book your appointment!


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