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Insomnia Cookies

Indulge in delicious desserts late into the night with Insomnia Cookies!

ABOUT Insomnia Cookies is a brand-new bakery where you can indulge in some of the most scrumptious cookies in Omaha! The company was born from a group of college friends, up late in a dorm with a craving for something delicious. They wanted to satisfy not only their late-night cravings but their insatiable hunger for adventure; for those stories that can only happen when the sun goes down and the Insomniac comes out!

MENU Cookies, brownies, ice cream…you name it! Insomnia Cookies offers a large variety of delicious desserts that anyone with a sweet tooth is sure to enjoy. They have a whole assortment of toppings to personalize your order to create a combination fit for your taste buds! You can get cookie-ice cream sandwiches, cakes, dippers, or even build your own box to get more cookies for less “dough.” If you’re in the market for a massive order for birthday parties, work events, or receptions, Insomnia is also open for bulk options. LOCATION & HOURS Insomnia Cookies will be located at 11th and Davenport Street, inside the Capitol District courtyard! Open into the late night hours, Insomniac Cookies serves up sweet rewards to warm the after parties of the night-doers, growing a community of Insomniacs who love to stay up late!


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