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Kathmandu MoMo Station

Kathmandu MoMo Station serves nepalese street dumplings, Burmese ramen, momo soup, and salads!


Momos are a Himalayan dumpling filled with a chicken, pork or veggies and a blend of Nepali spices, then drenched in their family recipe sauce ranging from mild to Sherpa (Himalayan Style Hot Sauce). The menu is very simple- just pick your dumpling filling and sauce and you're good to go! We also got a side of the Aloo Shop, which is deep fried seasoned potato patties.


They have two locations, one in Aksarben in the Inner Rail Food Hall, and one in Blackstone. The Blackstone location is connected to @scriptownbrewing so you can also take your food over there for more seating or to grab a drink.

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