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Kiewit Luminarium


ABOUT Now open on Omaha’s newly renovated RiverFront, Kiewit Luminarium will rekindle your curiosity and change the way you see the world. With more than 100 interactive exhibits and an array of engaging programs, your kiddos will be begging you to visit again and again…that is if you aren’t already planning another visit yourself! PHYSICS Hands-on exploration of the fundamental physics and universal phenomena that shape our world through swinging pendulums, making waves, creating amazing shadows, seeing your body heat, playing music, and more. ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE With Greater Omaha as the focus, explore how we live within our environments by experimenting with stream dynamics, plunge your hand into warm compost, pump groundwater, turn gears, build structures, and construct chain reactions. ANATOMY Explore different aspects of being human – how each one of us is both a unique individual and part of a larger social world. Zoom in to see how cells make up a person, then zoom out to explore how people make up a society.

SHAPES, PATTERNS, & NUMBERS Immerse yourself in investigations, collaborative games, and thought experiments such as assembling simple shapes to create fun designs. Peer through a microscope that reveals money’s hidden wonders and sense the power of compound interest by testing super-sized dominoes. THE GRID

The Grid invites you to consider the innovation, technology, and skills we each use daily in the care of our belongings and communities. Home improvement requires knowledge of materials and planning, like building a skyscraper. See yourself and your neighbors reflected in stories of local residents, and try your hand at basic making, tending, and repair. GEOMETRY Large-scale, colorful immersive structures, including a gyroid, stellated icosahedron, truncated octahedron, and helix, invite free-form play. ADULTS ONLY

Play at adults-only Thursday nights from 7pm to 10pm with exhibits and provocative programs that will expand your brain and spark joy.

TICKETS & MEMBERSHIPS There are 4 different membership options to choose from based on what you’re looking for: individual, dual, family, or grandparents. There are also daytime timed-entry tickets available for purchase: $24.95 for adults 18+, $19.95 for youth 5-17, and kids under 4 are free. Night Light tickets are $20 or $15 for members. You can book your visit and find more pricing options on their website! LOCATION & HOURS The Kiewit Luminarium is located on the newly renovated Omaha Riverfront in the heart of the Gene Leahy Mall. Hours vary, so it is always encouraged to make reservations! They are closed on Tuesdays, Wednesdays through Mondays they are open from 11am to 6pm, and on Thursdays there are special adults only hours from 7pm to 10pm! #OmahaPlaces


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