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KoKo's Korean Fried Chickin

KoKo's Korean Fried Chicken is serving up delicious fried chickin in West Omaha!


At KoKo's all you have to do is choose your chickin and choose your flavor. I got both wings and tenders, and then sauces range from sweet to very spicy. I also tried a few extras from their menu like the rice bowl (DELICIOUS) and fries.


KoKo's has a good selection of vegetarian options too! Sub tofu for chicken in any of their rice bowls, or try their meatless chicken nuggets. I wouldn't have known the difference if they hadn't told me it wasn't meat!


KoKo's is located in west Omaha on 180th and Center. They open every day at 11 am and are definitely worth stopping for a casual lunch or if you just want to try some Korean chicken!


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