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Lucky Tiger Izakaya

Lucky Tiger Izakaya // Ramen, small plates, donburi, and more- oh my! Visit Lucky Tiger Izakaya in the Blackstone District for great Pan-Asian dishes.

ABOUT Inspired by their mother restaurant Ika Ramen & Izakaya, Lucky Tiger Izakaya is a vibrantly decorated Izakaya & Ramen spot. They offer authentic Pan Asian Fusion-styled foods in the heart of the Blackstone District. They offer dine in and takeout and are available on grubhub and doordash for delivery as well as their website!

MENU From rolls, to poke, ramen, and more delicious Pan Asian dishes are offered at Lucky Tiger Izakaya. If you aren’t in the mood for their staple ramens, there are plenty of other options. Bao buns are soft and pillowing and warm like normal freshly made bao buns but also crispy on one side and brown from being cooked on a flat top. The pork belly is sliced thin and crisp, and the fresh pickled veggies are a must. There is truly something for everyone here! LOCATION & HOURS Lucky Tiger Izakaya is located in the Blackstone District at 3852 Farnam St and is open on Sunday through Thursday from 11am to 9pm and Fridays through Saturdays from 11am to 10pm. #OmahaPlaces


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