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Made in Omaha

Made in Omaha is a great spot to shop 100% local. They sell clothes, food, drinks, prints, soaps, and more!


Made in Omaha opened their first store in 2018 to bring together local business and offer them a store to sell, and scale, in. And y'all, this company did their research. For every $100 spent in their stores, $91 gets re-circulated back into our local economy. 91%!!! And compare that to the 13% that gets circulated into our local economy when your purchase from a big retailer. Check out the Made in Omaha website for tons more information and research about this!


Check out this page for a list of all the brands & products they carry.


They have three locations around Omaha- downtown in the Old Market, Countryside Village, and Shops of Legacy in West Omaha.


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