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Myrtle & Cypress Coffee House

The decor in Myrtle & Cypress is really cozy and boho. They literally converted an old house into the coffee shop so it automatically has a very cozy vibe, but the boho decor and plethora of plants really bring the place to life. They have a good amount of seating inside, a big table that would be perfect for meetings or group projects, plus outdoor seating. WiFi was great too so it's the perfect atmosphere for working or studying.


Myrtle & Cypress has a great menu full of classic, specialty, and seasonal drinks, plus a few food items. They have a lot of gluten free and grain free items. Check their Instagram for updates on their seasonal items.


Located just north of Midtown Crossing in the Gifford Park neighborhood, on 33rd and California. Hours are Monday-Friday 7am-5pm, and Saturday & Sunday 8am-5pm.


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