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Naughty Buddha Burger Bar

Enjoy vegan burgers and unique sides at Naughty Buddha Burger Bar!


Naughty Buddha Burger Bar is a Black-owned vegan spot on 24th and Leavenworth with a tasty plant-based menu that will satisfy anyone's hunger!


Pick from a number of burgers on the menu, all with plant-based meat and delicious, fresh toppings, such as power greens, pickled veggies, maple bacon, lotus root chips, kimchi probiotic mayo, and tons more. Sides change daily and include vegan mac n' cheese, red moon slaw, island-style beans, Bajan rice & others.

If you're not feeling a burger, you can turn any burger into a protein bowl, or try an un-chick sandwich, sushi wrap, or filling salad! Naughty Buddha also serves breakfast all day long.


Naughty Buddha is Omaha's first vegan restaurant to accept crypto! You can also get 15% off with an exclusive Omaha Beer Deer NFT.

To read a description of NFT's and what exactly I'm talking about, head to our blog post introducing Omaha's Beer Deer. In short, these NFT's are digital assets that will get you discounts to certain bars and restaurants around Omaha. Your unique NFT can’t be replicated and it represents a real-world item. In this case, burgers and booze!

Visit for more information or to purchase your NFT!

Thanks to Omaha Beer Deer for sponsoring this post.

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