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Nelson Produce Farm - Pizza & Pie Nights

Visit Nelson Produce Farm for a Pizza & Pie Night!


Nelson Produce Farm is settled right in beautiful Valley, Nebraska (about 20-30 minutes from Omaha) and is known for their fresh you-pick produce (like strawberries and tomatoes), their enormous sunflower patches, and family-friendly events!


Visit Nelson Produce Farm every Friday from 5-9 p.m. this summer for a Pizza & Pie Night! Enjoy handcrafted pizzas cooked in fire ovens — and for dessert, check out the farm's tractor ice cream churner and enjoy a fresh pie for a sweet treat!

Keep in mind that Pizza & Pie Nights occur every Friday, with the exception of Nelson Produce's Farm To Table weekends.


Nelson Produce Farm is located at 23301 Deer Ridge Road in Valley, NE!


To get in, you'll have to pay normal farm admission of $8.99 per person. Season pass holders get in for free, and Day Passes are available for purchase online or at the gate.

Pizzas start at $14.99 for Cheese, or $16 for Hamburger or Margherita.

Ready for a night of farm-fresh food and fun?

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