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New Downtown Library

Check out the newly opened branch of the Omaha Public Library downtown this summer!

There is something about a traditional library that is hard to replicate in today’s technologically-ran society, but thankfully this newly opened branch is full of life…and books! ABOUT There’s a new branch of the Omaha Public Library in town! The downtown branch is the replacement of the old library that was previously torn down last year. Whether you’re looking for a quiet and calming environment to study, or are looking for a new book to read by the pool this summer, this is a spot you’ll have to check out. There is a kids space where weekly storytimes are held and a teen space, free wifi and study rooms.

LOCATION & HOURS The Downtown Branch is located at 1401 Jones Street, and is open most days from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. with shortened hours Friday through Sunday. Who els


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