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New O-PA Venue: Steelhouse

STEELHOUSE As Omaha Performing Arts' 3rd venue, Steelhouse has been a highly anticipated opening for 202 and is finally almost here! With flexible space, this new venue will be able to accommodate audiences up to 3,000!

ABOUT OPA As well as the new Steelhouse Venue, Omaha Performing Arts (OPA) brings Broadway shows, live music, comedy and more to the Holland Performing Arts Center and the Orpheum Theater. They also offer a broad range of education and community engagement activities that reach a variety of audiences all across Nebraska! You can also subscribe to Omaha Performing Arts’ subscription list to stay up to date on the new season and ticket bundles. LOCATION Steelhouse Omaha is located in Downtown Omaha at 1100 Dodge Street between 11th and 12th Streets and Dodge Street and Capitol Avenue.


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