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New VP Power Life Location

There's a new Power Life Location in Village Pointe that just opened this January!

ABOUT Power Life is a yoga studio here in Omaha with a brand-new location that just opened at Village Pointe! Power Life strives to provide a space where everyone feels accepted, seen, empowered, safe and supported, with highly trained instructors that deliver an uplifting experience from the moment you step into the doors. They have super large spaces so they can run multiple classes at one time and offer a variety of different skill levels so there is something for everyone!

CLASSES Whether you’re new to yoga, are a seasoned yogi, or are looking to expand your knowledge and abilities through meditation or hot yoga, there is something for every level of client. Power 1 Yoga: If you’re new to the yoga scene and want to build strength, activate core muscles, and increase flexibility, their Power 1 class is perfect for you. This is a gently heated, moderately paced class designed to give you time and support to understand the proper alignment of each posture. Power 1.5 Yoga: This class builds upon the blueprint of the Power Yoga 1 and mixes in a little more heat, a quicker flow and introduces a few new postures. You will explore these new postures, strengthen your core and a bonus: you’ll get a good sweat in! Power 2 Yoga: This is a quick-paced power yoga class that will focus on building awareness in body and mind through unique and challenging flows, transitions and postures. Power 2 classes will give you strength, cultivate balance, and energize you for a good start to your day. Power Life Yoga also offers hot yoga, restoration, meditation, and more unique, personalized classes to fit whatever goals you want to reach.

LOCATION & BOOKING Power Life’s newest location is located in Village Pointe at 17110 Davenport Street in Suite 102. You can book a class or purchase a membership through their website:! #OmahaPlaces


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