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Nick's Quorum Bar & Supper Club

Indulge in a timeless culinary experience at Nick's Quorum Bar & Supper Club

ABOUT Nick’s Quorum Bar & Supper Club is a supper club that brings all your favorite aspects of a traditional supper club to life with a modern touch. Nestled within the confines of the Hilton Hotel and the Capital District, this isn’t just a place to eat; it transports you to a time where dining was an entire experience. The menu was curated with guidance from Culinary Director Marvin Woods and Executive Chef Cindy Long, and features modern takes on traditional supper club elements, including tableside presentations! No true supper club would be complete without music. Nick’s Quorum also has live acts every Saturday night! Plus, DJ Josh One will provide a curated playlist of swing and jazz music on weekdays.

FOOD & DRINK At Nick’s Bar and Supper Club, appetizers are where you start! You can expect menu items such as Oysters Rockefeller topped with spinach, artichoke, panko and crispy shallots, and potato croquettes with buffalo blue cheese sauce. For your entree, choose from brandy-glazed salmon with farro, corn hash and green beans, and roasted prime rib with Yorkshire pudding; and shareable sides including double-baked stuffed potatoes and Nick’s Street Corn. We had a relish tray with smoked trout, Pâté en bone marrow, Roasted Beets, Potato Croquettes, Signature Roasted Prime Rib, Prohibition Filet, Gratin Potatoes, Sautéed Kale and Beet Tops with the Chocolate Torte for dessert. For drinks, we chose the Mary Pickford and Manhattan! COCKTAIL HOUR Of course, every good supper club starts with a “cocktail hour! Sip on half-off signature items such as the Brown Sugar Brandy Old-Fashion, Prohibition Lucky Bucket Lagers, House Wine, and all appetizers. Cocktail hour is available only at the bar on Tuesdays-Fridays, 5-6pm. All seats at the bar tables are available by reservation and can be seated by our host team.

BOOK YOUR VISIT While Nick’s Quorum Bar & Supper Club does not offer memberships, reservations for each installment are required. You can check out to select the date and time of which you want to visit! The Supper Club is located at 1001 Cass Street and has a variety of times to choose from to customize your night.


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