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Okra African Grill

Okra African Grill // Indulge in delicious, slow-cooked African dishes made from the heart

ABOUT Nina Sodji, the owner and founder of Okra African Grill, immigrated to America in 1994 from Togo, a west African nation. She began her career in the States as a nurse, where she grew a passion for cooking. Following her blossoming interest, she enrolled in culinary school at Metro Community College where she continued to pursue her longtime dream of opening her own kitchen. Thus, Okra African Grill was born. Okra African Grill is an homage to all African cultures and the transcontinental history that have influenced Togolese foods, with a goal of building a bridge to connect different cultures. Now open for 4 years, 2 of which being at their current location off 72nd and Dodge, Okra provides staples like beef and chicken that open the door for people to branch out and explore different alternatives as well.

MENU Whether you’re a seasoned lover of African cuisine or this is your first time trying it out, there is something for everyone to love! Everything on the menu is buildable and customizable — start by picking a base, protein, sauce, and then three toppings such as garlic potatoes, tomato salad, cucumbers, and other veggies. They also have A La Carte sides like peanut butter chicken, jellof rice, ablo, and more. When we visited, we tried out two bowls. For the first one, we went with jellof rice, kabobs, tomato sauce, plaintains, veggies, and garlic potatoes. For the second, we chose jellof rice, lamb, plaintains, veggies, and sweet potatoes topped with a spinach sauce. For drinks we had a mix of Nina’s hibiscus and ginger lemonades as well as the ginger lemonade. To finish off our meal, we had to try a dessert! We grabbed the Degue Couscous Yogurt for our sugar fix, but they also offer other sweet treats like Beignets and chocolate chip cookies.

HOURS & LOCATION Okra African Grill is located at 608 S 72nd Street right by Nebraska Furniture Mart. They are open Mondays and Wednesdays through Sundays from 11am to 8pm, and are closed on Tuesdays.


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