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Omaha Fashion Week

Designers for the Omaha Fashion Week Spring 2024: Audacious season have been announced and tickets are now live!

ABOUT Omaha Fashion Week’s 2024 season is right around the corner! This upcoming season’s designer inspirations will manifest through streetwear, bridal gowns, eveningwear, avant garde and even swimwear lines! We’ll see global influence over the collection’s aesthetics from Japan to Ukraine, Kenya to Cuba, Colombia, and India. Of these, 14 designers are high school or college students. 13 of the designers are returning to this runway, and 21 designers are brand new. This group is from all over the US including our local Nebraskans, our neighbors in Iowa, Kansas, and Missouri, and a few making the trek from California, Texas, Louisiana, Illinois, and Colorado.

SPRING 2024 DESIGNER LINEUP The upcoming Spring 2024: AUDACIOUS season will be highlighting themes of reckless self-expression, showcasing 20 emerging designers and 14 additional featured designers who will present their collections during 3 nights of the season! February 22nd: BOLD Designer Showcase February 23rd: BRAZEN Designer Showcase February 24th: BRILLIANT FINALE Designer Showcase WHEN & WHERE OFW Spring showcases are scheduled for February 21st through the 24th at the Omaha Design Center. For ticket information and a full lineup of this season’s designers, you can visit!


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